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Match Day Meals

Twin pouch instant maze meal and energy drink. A ready meal in a pouch, freshly mixed when you are ready to consume the product. Ideal for areas with water shortage or polluted water, ideal for learners and physically active persons such as athletes. It is convenient, easy to transport, easy to store (6 month shelf-life), no refrigeration required.  No containers, cookware or utensils needed.

Comes in various flavors and packaging can be personalized

Accredited Courses

Accredited coaching and referee courses. 

Pupils are put through an accredited course of their choice and working together with most universities, we strive to place the learner after courses are completed. 

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On-Field Apparel

Sourced from various manufacturers at the best possible prices and are able to supply items for  all major sporting codes. 

We use either manufactured items or pre-manufactured box set. 

All on-field items comes fully branded to give donors maximum exposure. 

On-Field Kit

These include bib sets, headgear, mouth guards, etc. 

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Team Wear

All off field apparel that teams wear. Sourced from the leading manufacturers and wholesalers in the market and include tracksuits, golfers, t-shirts, shorts, caps, jackets and many more. 

These items are all branded with sponsors logos. 


On and off field equipment, including balls. 



All staff-wear for coaches that includes jackets, golfers shirts, t-shirts, head wear and formal wear. These items are branded with sponsor logos. 


Includes advertising boards, gazebos, corner flags, pole protectors, teardrops, etc. 

All items are manufactured locally and will be branded with the donors logos

Basketball Ring

Sports Hardware 

We supply hardware including soccer goals, rugby posts, tennis nets, netball hoops, basketball hoops, scrummaging machines, tennis courts and many more. 

IT Equipment

In the fast pace coaching environment, IT equipment is essential to keep teams up to date with the latest trends. 

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We strive to keep the lights on so that sports development doesn't have to stop.  


We are in the process of signing an agreement with a large sport supplement and nutritional supplier. 


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