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Match-day Meals

Twin pouch instant maze meal and energy drink. A ready meal in a pouch, freshly mixed when you are ready to consume the product. Ideal for areas with water shortage or polluted water, ideal for learners and physically active persons such as athletes. It is convenient, easy to transport, easy to store (6 month shelf-life), no refrigeration required.  No containers, cookware or utensils needed.

Comes in various flavors and packaging can be personalized.

Team & Coach Wear

This also offers great advertising opportunities to show visual support in targeted communities.

Sourced from some of the leading wholesalers in SA.

Items include tracksuits, golf shirts, t-shirts, caps, hoodies, jackets, sweaters, shorts and many more.

All items are branded with sponsor logos.

On-Field Apparel

The most popular item we have to offer. Sourced from some of the leading suppliers and manufacturers in the country, we focus on the marketing aspect to give the donor the maximum benefit.

Turn spend requirements into a marketing budget.


Sports apparel and equipment comes with multiple branding positions and gives donor to the opportunity to co-brand with sister companies or big suppliers and customers.


Add-ons to assist with children welfare and protection as well as training aids.

This option doesn't always offer branding options, however it is a vital part of the offering Phela Ntle offers to the beneficiaries.

Items include, boots, goalie gloves, headgear, player bibs, training cones, balls, bags, pads, bats, hockey sticks and many more.

Display Items

An excellent marketing product on our list of offerings and perhaps the most permanent fixture of them all.

Gazebos, pole protectors, sign boards, corner flags, and so many more items all digitally branded to leave a mark and show support at the schools and clubs.


If the need is for rugby poles, soccer goals, netball hoops, basketball hoops or even tennis courts, we've got you covered.

We have partnered with the leading suppliers of sporting facilities to take our offering to the next level.

Although this offering is somewhat more expensive than some of the other items we offer, there will always be a shortage in this area in our country.

Accredited Courses

All dependent on the timing of course intakes do we offer accredited accredited coaching and referee courses to children that isn't always able to play but has just as much passion for the sport they love.

These courses can give individuals the opportunity to grow and offer an opportunity that sport can one day change their environment for the better.

IT and Solar Equipment

The fast pace of the coaching environment and the constant need to keep the lights on to enable the kids to play has brought forth the need for IT and solar equipment.

This also doubles down where schools can use the equipment as part of their educational programs.

And lets not forget, children taking part in coaching in referee courses always need to be connected online.



Phela Ntle is in the process to find a suitable partner with the supply of sport nutrition and supplements.

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