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How does the beneficiaries work? 

Nominating the beneficiary is part of the process for the donor. Firstly, they can nominate their own beneficiary. This can be a school in their area, or a school of an employee, or a school they have worked with in the past. Secondly, they can nominate an area and we simply go on our database and find a school on the geagraphical area, or thirdly, if a donor doesn't have a preference we can nominate a school. 

What type of beneficiary do we target? 

 There are exceptions, however, we look at communities with limited services, using stats SA as a benchmark. 

Using we verify that beneficiaries are located in communities where

a. less than 65% oh households have access to running water, or

b. less than 85% of households have access to electricity and

c.  In addition to a or b, do more than 50% of the households have an average household income in the first 5 levels (including none) of the income data table

What does the donor have to do? 

Besides from helping, not much. We handle the handover. Once the school is finalised, we do the artwork and layout of the apparel. We would need to get logos and CI docs from the donor's marketing department. The donors are more than welcome to attend the handover ceremony, but if they can we do that. We also submit all documentation for verification purposes. 

What is the timeframe for delivery? 

 It depends from donation to donation, however in general we take about four weeks. 

What sort of donations are we looking to get? 

Any kind really. We are section 18A certified, so company donations, CSI, SED, personal donations, etc. WE are more focussed on SED and CSI. 

What documentations do we supply? 

Section 18A certificate, Phela Ntle Affidavit, Beneficiary Affidavit, Letter of Appreciation and Phela Ntle Project Certificate. 

Whats the easiest way to get involved

You can contact us on 079 392 9328, or send an email to or go the donate page and provide the information required. We then send you a receipt and bank confirmation letter. After we receive payment will we start the project. 

How does the branding work? 

In 90% of the donations we use sublimation and therefor branding to the apparel is limitless. In general the front chest will get the logo of the donor. Because sport apparel has multiple branding positions, those positions can be offered to sister companies or big suppliers and customers. For instance, a donor might be trade only supplier and can offer some of the space on the jersey to their biggest reseller in a specific area. 

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