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Phela Ntle


Founded for the purpose to supply sports apparel and equipment to the neediest of
schools. There is a massive demand and literally thousands of children in South Africa will never experience the excitement of receiving kit and team wear for the season. 


To reach as many children as possible and giving them a licence to dream and the
hope that sport can one day change their environment. We want to take kids

“From Townships to Championships.”


Help children become more focused by playing sport and interacting with other children. Experience life-changing work while bettering the lives of children and that one day sport can change their environment for the better. 


A feel good project that supplies branded sports apparel and equipment to the neediest of children under the fifth element of the BEE scorecard, turning spend requirements into a marketing budget. 


Phela Ntle


Phela Ntle


Phela Ntle


Phela Ntle


We pair willing donors with children in need. The need for sport equipment and apparel is greater than ever and our mission is to reach as many children as possible and to create dreams that sport can one day change their environment for the better. 

Once involved we focus on marketing and SED and CSI. All equipment gets branded with the donor's logos, turning the donation into a marketing budget. 

Branded sports apparel shows visual support in communities. Almost all products we supply are brand-able, thus turning spend requirements into a marketing budget. Sports apparel comes with multiple branding positions and these positions can be offered to big customers and/or suppliers to give support back. 

We have partnered up with some of the leading sports suppliers in the country to ensure we offer the best solution at the most affordable prices. 

We also submit all documentation for verification purposes in terms of the 5th element under the BEE scorecard called Socio Economic Development.

SED: 1% of a company’s Net Profit is contributed towards individuals or communities, where at least 75% of the beneficiaries are classified as black people in terms of race.

Using we verify that beneficiaries are located in communities where

a. less than 65% oh households have access to running water, or

b. less than 85% of households have access to electricity and

c.  In addition to a or b, do more than 50% of the households have an average household income in the first 5 levels (including none) of the income data table

Donors can nominate their own beneficiaries or if they do not have a specific entity in mind, they can nominate a specific geographical area and we will link them with a school on our database. 

Its a real simple process. Donors can go to the donate page, fill in their company details and some information regarding the donation. From there we get in contact and do the pairing that suits them best with the budget available. 

We finalise the kit working closely with the beneficiary before going to print. We invite donors to come along when we do the handover to the schools and see the difference they make first hand. 

All documentation gets submitted to the donor for verification purposes, including a section 18A certificate.  

All information are protected in terms of the POPI act and Phela Ntle will never share information to any third party company under any circumstances. 

We also invite school to go to our apply page and get in contact with us so we can ultimately pair them with a willing and generous donor. 

Phela Ntle is a registered NPO

PBO Nr 930075114

Tax Exemption Nr  9983728172

Registration Nr271-050 NPO

We want to work with companies looking to implement meaningful programs utilising the following:

•Socio Economic Development Spend

•Corporate Social Investment Spend

•Corporate Donations

•Marketing Spend


All donations are accompanied with a Section 18(A) certificate.

Turn BEE spend requirements into a marketing budget. 

It was Nelson Mandela who once said:  "Sport has the power to change the world. It has the power to unite people in a way that little else does."

There is no donation too small so please get involved today. 


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