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Our main focus is on the 5th element of the BEE scorecard. 1% of a company’s Net Profit is contributed towards individuals or communities, where at least 75% of the beneficiaries are classified as black people in terms of race.


We facilitate all documentation to claim under this element by providing receipt acknowledgment from the beneficiary and a section 18A certificate together with your proof of funding.


Kit out a soccer team for as little as R 10 000 and create a license to dream.

BEE Scorecard.JPG

Branded sports apparel shows visual support in communities. Almost all products we supply are brand-able, thus turning spend requirements into a marketing budget. Sports apparel comes with multiple branding positions and these positions can be offered to big customers and/or suppliers to give support back. 

Sublimated Jersey.JPG

Phela Ntle


  • Advertising space on sportswear to visually show support in communities

  • Sponsored boards on school fields

  • Marketing databases within sponsored areas

  • Full BEE and scorecard alignment as per verification requirements through a network of highly skilled BEE consultants

  • Save on bottom line by converting spend requirements into marketing

  • Multiple branding locations on sports apparel for your big supplier and/or customers to benefit from

  • Company donations accompanied by a section 18A

  • Social Media Exposure

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